Video contribution to a symposium at the TU Dresden


Hope in the Climate Crisis? – Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility

On 10th of November 2023, a symposium took place at the Technische Universität Dresden under the aforementioned title. Professor Carmen Leicht-Scholten contributed an insightful video statement as the opening address for the event.

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The symposium was part of the CitizenScience.AI project, which aims to make research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligence tangible concerning equality, participatory justice, cultural diversity, and sustainability – accomplished through citizen participation. Furthermore, it aligns with the gender equality strategy of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig.

In her video contribution, Univ.- Professor Dr. phil Leicht-Scholten explores the multifaceted aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – both its opportunities and the associated challenges. She emphasizes the significant role of integrating various societal actors into participatory processes as a key factor for the transformation towards sustainable solutions. A focal point of her elucidation lies in the social integration within AI processes, aiming to create balanced and sustainable solutions for society, particularly in the battle against climate change. Additionally, she underscores the ethical and social deployment of AI for the benefit of all and highlights the necessity of establishing a responsible foundation for a sustainable future.

In addition to Professor Leicht-Scholten, Marie Decker from GDE and Dhenya Schwarz from OecherLab serve as speakers in the video. Marie Decker introduces her seminar, focusing on the impacts of AI in various social and engineering contexts. Dhenya Schwarz emphasizes the importance of incorporating the perspectives of citizens for a comprehensive understanding of AI and stresses the necessity of integrating the voices of different stakeholders into the discourse on new technologies.