MOOC "Responsible Innovators of Tomorrow" released

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Our MOOC "Responsible Innovators of Tomorrow" is online!​

We are pleased to announce that our new MOOC, “Responsible Innovators of Tomorrow”, is now available. The course is the result of a collaborative effort of experts from all ENHANCE Universities, with the aim of creating a new European academic space for the interaction between innovative technological progress, society, and our environment.

Technologicall and societall developments are mutually dependent and influence each other, making it important to promote interdisciplinary learning. In light of global challenges such as those articulated in the SDGs, universities have a special responsibility to educate responsible innovators of tomorrow. One way universities can empower students to solve global challenges is through teaching. To promote interdisciplinary teaching and learning in an excellent and diverse environment, the MOOC addresses topics in the context of responsible innovation with a focus on Science and eTchnology studies, integrating the input and knowledge of experts from the different ENHANCE universities.



Subscribe now! Registrations for the course can be made now via the edX website.