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As future decision-makers, students have a crucial multiplier role in the implementation of sustainable development as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals. This means a mutual exchange of ideas, knowledge, technology and people within the university, with partner organizations and with business and society.

To train responsible innovators for sustainable development, the RRI Hub offers various teaching formats in collaboration with different internal and external university stakeholders. The aim is to raise students' awareness of their own social responsibility and empower them to act to take action towards realizing the SDGs. The RRI Hub employs a competency-based approach to teaching in all of its foundational and advanced modules and offers interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary modules to teach intercultural competencies and global perspectives.

Focus Area Sustainability and Responsible Development Copyright: © RRI Hub

Focus Area

"Sustainability and Responsible Development"​

The teaching activities in the focus area Sustainability and Responsible Development provide students with interdisciplinary competencies in the fields of sustainability and social responsibility.

The courses Selected Aspects of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), MOOC „Responsible Innovators of Tomorrow“, Institute Internship "Engineer meets User", Leonardo Sustainability and Transformation and Winter School "Responsible Innovators of Tomorrow", teach students to reflect on sustainable global development and to identify interdisciplinary fields of action in sustainability.

Focus Area Sustainble and Inclusive Artificial Intelligence Copyright: © RRI Hub

Focus area

"Sustainable and Inclusive
Artificial Intelligence"

The seminar Innovation & Diversity addresses the context between the development of sustainable innovations and diversity.