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Systematics of our activities

Based on the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs for short, the RRI Hub strives for intensive cooperation between science and society, which contributes to more mutual transparency and acceptance and from which solutions for complex challenges emerge. In addition, the RRI Hub advocates for a socially responsible orientation of research, education and transfer. To this end, the Hub collaborates with partners in various subprojects.

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The RRI Hub conducts research in the field of responsible and sustainable design of research and development processes. The main research topics are Social Innovation, Sustainable and Inclusive Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainability and Responsible Development.


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To train responsible innovators for sustainable development, the RRI Hub offers various teaching formats in cooperation with a variety of internal and external university actors.


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The RRI Hub pursues the goal of strengthening the transfer into society. To this end, various projects are implemented with regional and supraregional actors.



Past projects can be found in our archive section Completed Projects.