ENHANCE starts the MOOC "Responsible Innovators of Tomorrow" coordinated by the RRI Hub



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The MOOC “Responsible Innovators of Tomorrow” is a innovative course promoting interdisciplinary teaching and learning within an excellence surrounding. This 3 ECTS course, developed within the scope of the ENHANCE proposal, will be available for all Bachelor students and will be created as cooperative work of experts from all ENHANCE universities.

The course will be implemented into a platform-based eLearning environment so that students from all partner universities can join it. Within this course, the students receive video lectures, texts, and potentially access to live discussions.

The course addresses topics in the context of responsible innovation with a focus on science and technology studies. To provide the students with interdisciplinary and broadened perspectives, the MOOC integrates the input and knowledge from experts of the different ENHANCE universities. Contributors to the MOOC get the chance to educate responsible innovators of tomorrow at seven leading technical universities in Europe.


Call to Action:

Are you interested in supporting the MOOC?

There are several ways to do so. The course outline provides an overview of the course structure and content as well as the different possibilities for supporting the course. We kindly invite you to participate and to integrate your own content. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at .