ENHANCE-MOOC "Responsible Innovators of Tomorrow“

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Promoting responsible societal transformation is one of the goals of the European network "ENHANCE". The network, consisting of ten technical universities, has been funded by the European Commission since the end of 2020. In addition to RWTH Aachen University, the following universities are part of the ENHANCE network:

Additionally, the focus is on exchange with more than 30 associated cross-sector partners.



The launch phase of the course begins April 12 and will be posted on the edX website shortly.


Within ENHANCE, the RRI Hub is responsible for the development of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) "Responsible Innovators of Tomorrow", which was developed in collaboration with colleagues from other ENHANCE universities. In addition, the RRI Hub is involved in the Strategy Committee as well as the General Assembly of the network.

The Massive Open Online Course "Responsible Innovators of Tomorrow" is an innovative course that promotes interdisciplinary teaching and learning in an environment of excellence. This course, developed within the ENHANCE alliance, will be available to all undergraduate students from partner universities as well as the general public, and will be created in collaboration with experts from all ENHANCE universities.

The course will be implemented in a platform-based eLearning environment so that students from all partner universities can participate. Within this course, students will receive video lectures, texts and access to live discussions.


The course addresses topics related to responsible innovation with a focus on Science and Technology Studies (STS). To provide students with an interdisciplinary and broader perspective, the MOOC integrates the knowledge of experts from the different ENHANCE universities. MOOC participants will have the opportunity to train responsible innovators of tomorrow at seven leading technical universities in Europe.